Control Chart Utility and Software For Excel

Create Statistical Quality Control Chart Sofware for Excel

Create statistical process control charts to measure process quality using Excel.

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Always wanted to make control charts in Excel and thought they were cumbersome. Need to make dozens of control charts and want to automated the process? Look no further.

Add data to a spreadsheet. Select data range. Two Clicks. As simple as that. No need to spent valuable time changing chart defaults, selecting colors and line styles or doing calculations, the control chart utility does it all for you.

The product is shipped as an Excel add-in (.xla). The control chart option is accessible as a menu option in Excel 2003 and earlier and as a new ribbon tab in Excel 2007 and later.

Features of Excel Control Chart Utility

Specify the number of control limits you want to show on the chart : Show 1, 2, 3 or specify your own custom sigma limit : Or if needed, hide them altogether.
Highlight Outliers : Highlight outliers beyond 1, 2, 3 or custom control limits for easy identification.
Create Static / Dynamic Chart : A dynamic chart will automatically update itself when data points change. A static control chart can be copy pasted without to other sheets without losing data. The control chart utility allows you to create charts of both types. *
Flexible Data Range with or without X-axis labels and headers : Use single dimensional or two dimensional range as input. If two dimensional data range is specified as input, the first dimension range will be taken as the x-axis labels. User can also define whether chart range has headers so that they are automatically picked up.
Specify Significant Digits : Control how many significant digits are shown in the chart. No need to edit the chart and edit the various elements.
Call From Outside Procedures or Functions : The user can quickly integrate the control chart with other VBA projects. The control chart can be created using a single line of code.
Labels : Apply labels to control limits, x-axis scale, y-axis scale, data values
Control Limit Line Color and Style : Define line style and colors for control limits
Plot Area Color and Border : Define plot area color and area border
Plot Line Style and Color : Define line style for plot line
Marker Style and Size : Define marker style and size for plot line
Specify Chart Titles : Specify chart, X-axis and Y- axis titles beforehand
Specify Font Size : Specify the font size to be used for titles and other chart elements
Control Chart Dimensions : The user can control the chart height, width, left & top offsets to draw the chart as per predetermined specification.


You can access the complete step-by-step documentation regarding the control chart utility here.

Known Issues
1. The feature to covert a very large dynamic chart to one with static values may not work when too many data points are involved.
Explaination : The utility provides the user the the option to draw a dynamic or a static control chart. By default, charts in Excel are linked to a range. Depending on the number of data points involved in a chart series (and significant digits used), Excel imposes an inbuilt restriction on whether the chart series can be made static or not.

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