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Always wanted to make Treemaps or Heatmaps in Excel and found them to be elusive? Look no further. Using this Treemap / Heatmap Utility, you can create treemaps using Excel in no time at all. Add data to a spreadsheet. Select data range. Two Clicks. As simple as that. No need to have an installation, no need for an internet connection - simply paste data in an Excel spreadsheet and create amazing treemaps / heatmaps. What's more, the treemap now comes with its own library / functions that makes it easy to automate the drawing process as well as integration with your existing VBA projects.

  1. Squarified or Best Fit Direction - Option to choose between squarified or best-fit treemaps. Squarified treemaps tend to have aspect (height/width) ratios of close to 1 for each node.
  2. M x N Input Data Range - The input data can span across multiple columns and rows.
  3. Draw Colored or Black & White - Ability to draw the treemap in color or in black & white.
  4. Color at specific Level - Option to color the treemap nodes at any specified level - from the 1st to the N(max) level.
  5. Color Using Custom or Excel’s Inbuilt Palette - Option to use either the custom-built palette or the default excel palette.
  6. Named or without Names - Ability to draw treemaps with or without names being assigned to nodes.
  7. Name at specific Level - Ability to specify names to appear only at the specific level.
  8. Option to Add Parent Name to Name - Choose whether you want to add the parent name to the child nodes.
  9. Size - Chose the size of the treemap and choose the size that best fits your needs.
  10. Position - Ability to automatically position the treemap in the worksheet.
  11. Header or no Headers - Option to plot with or without data headers.
  12. Plot All Nodes - Parent and Child - All nodes are plotted - even the ones hidden below the child nodes.
  13. Call From Outside VBA Procedures or Functions - You can integrate the treemap in your project by simply calling the TREEMAP function from any of the your VBA modules and supplying the parameters.
  14. Proportionate Font Size - The label font size of a node in the treemap can be drawn proportional to the size of the node.
  15. Tooltips - When you hover over a node, the tooltips provides useful information about a node.
Documentation You can access the complete step-by-step documentation regarding the treemap utility here. (Try a demo here.)

Known Issues
1. While the utility has been enabled to support non-english language characters, it has not been possible to test it across all language sets and locales. In case you face any issues with your specific language customization, please let me know at In case you are not sure whether a particular language set would be supported or not, please try the demo version.
2. Mac versions of Excel are not supported at present.

A Few Sample Treemaps:

More Details Try Demo


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